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Pets Pro Healthy Joints

Pets Pro Healthy Joints Mobility Supplement for Dogs with Omega 3, Green Lipped Muscle and Glucosamine

  • Promotes stronger joints, flexibility and mobility in dogs
  • Aids natural anti-inflammation in canine joints
  • Supports cartilage & synovial repair
  • Contains high levels of omega 3
  • Quick and easy to feed as palatable and easily digested 2mm pellets.



1 in every 5 dogs over the age of 7 has arthritis, and osteoarthritis is one of the most common health issues seen in mid-older canines, and can even be seen in early years under particular circumstances. The PETS PRO healthy joints is designed to combat joint issues and offers a preventative solution for younger dogs as they grow.

This supplement is a high specification complementary feed supplement designed to maintain dog movement, mobility and joint health throughout a dogs life.

Manufactured in the UK to UFAS (universal feed assurance scheme) standards, the joint aid comes in the form of easily digestible 2mm pellets, composed of 14% protein, 12% fibre, and 7.5% oil & fats.


Technical Dog
Item Weight 500g
Dimensions 5 x 19 x 26 cm

Daily Intake

Toy / Small

0-15kg Dog Weight

5g / Half Measure Daily intake

Med / Large

15-30kg Dog Weight

10g / Full Measure Daily intake

Extra Large

30kg+ Dog Weight

20g / 2 Full Measures Daily intake

why choose healthy joints

Mobility & Flexibility
Pets Pro Healthy Joints is made up of 12 active nutraceuticals- nutritional substances that provide contributory health benefits. Collagen matrix for example gives great tensile strength to provide tissues with firmness and resilience. Likewise curcumin is a strong antioxidant that adds to the natural anti inflammatory system within the body. Glutamine is amino acid that supports natural healing. Collectively, these ingredients and others maintain your dogs natural flexibility and mobility, encouraging activity.

Cartlidge & Synovial Repair
Pets Pro Healthy Joints contains Glucosamine which is essential for the regeneration of cartilage and enhances shock absorbing qualities of joints. Glucosamine is also involved in the formation of tendon, skin, bone and ligaments. Another ingredient, Chrondoitin, is paramount to the natural regeneration of cartilage.

Easy to Feed
The Pets Pro Healthy Joints Dog Supplement is manufactured as very palatable and easily digested 2mm pellets. The supplement simply needs to be added/mixed with your dogs normal feed. Because the supplement is tasty, your dog will also eat directly out of your hand like a treat. Suitable all dogs, regardless or age, size or level of exercise.

Omega 3 & Wheat Gluten Free
A key ingredient in Pets Pro Healthy Joints is Hemp Oil: one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids which allows your dog to produce other essential omega 3 fats called EPA & DHA, both of which normally only found in fish oils.

“MY dog eats it all up and I know it’s giving him the vitamins he needs”

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Pets Pro Healthy Joints

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