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Pets Pro Advice

Our External industry experts have covered a wide range of topics that’ll keep your best friend energetic and healthy

Tiredness & Reluctance

An increase in the time your dog spends sleeping and/or resting. Reluctance to activities that were once normal, climbing stairs, getting into/out of cars for example. The normal walk may become more challenging.

Posture & Movement

Your dog may appear visibly weaker on one leg, and struggle rising to a standing position. Affected joints may appear thinner than others. Not all joint issues are in shoulders/legs, so lookout for stiff necks and changes to natural walking style as your dog tries to compensate.

Irritation & Barking

Your dog's behaviour may change. Most commonly this may involve barking or wincing when petted or handled normally. Moods or aggression that are out of character result from frustration.

Licking & Chewing

You may notice an increase in chewing/biting. Your dog will lick, chew and/or bite affected joints. Whilst you may not observe this directly, look out for infections or hair loss.

Digestion Support

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Healthy Joints

Pets Pro Healthy Joints Mobility Supplement for Dogs with Omega 3, Green Lipped Muscle, Oatinol and Glucosamine

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Immunity Aid

Pets Pro Immune System Supplement for Dogs with Omega 3 and Curcumin

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